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OKBest 2018 Volunteer Jobs

Referee: 5 Needed.

Referee: being a referee at a best competition involves being on the playing field in the direction of a head referee. You will be responsible for a single section of the field watching the team and ensuring they stay within a particular set of rules and enforcing penalties. We will also have a crash course in refereeing available the morning of game day. This year things won’t be as hectic because we have a smaller number of teams and we are expecting a much shorter game day. If and when you decide that you want to be a referee we will send you the set of game rules that you can read over and start understand how refereeing is going to work Time commitment for refereeing will be approximately eight hours on game day which is 27 October

Judging: 7 Needed

Judging: Just as important as the robot competition is the various evaluation aspects of a BEST Competition We have several different areas where we will require judges: team displays Evaluating formal team interviews Evaluating informal team interviews spirit and sportsmanship judging T-shirt judging Engineering notebook evaluation Most robust robot Training for judging will be during one evening before game day via phone Time commitment for judging will be approximately five hours or less during the week of 20 October + 8 hour (Probably less) commitment on 27 October which is our game day.

In addition , there will be the three hour potential training on the 20th. One thing to note - please be as flexible with us as you can. OKBEST has existed since 1998, but we’ve been off for the last five years due to lack of funding This is our first year back doing this and we expect to make some ad hoc adjustments probably just as important as being flexible is letting us know what your availability is going to be and sticking to it as best you can. We appreciate and respect your time and want to make the best use of it. Most of all we want you to enjoy working for OKBest! Have a look at these two areas and let me know if you have any questions