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2019 OKBEST Game Day at OC Millwood Field house:

OKBEST Game day is November 2 th, 2019 at the field house on OC Millwood Public Schools Campus. The field house is just north of the Admin / Elementary School area and West of the football field. The address for the field house is 6752 North Martin Luther King Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73111. There are both north and south parking areas. The south area entrance opens up onto the second floor. This team display areas will be located at this entrance in the upstairs lobby area. The northern entrance will be on the game field / pit area. Check in will be on this level as will the room for marketing presentation. Note that concessions will be open around lunch time Available items will be drinks, chips, candy, nachos, and hot dogs.

Thank you to Millwood Public Schools for allowing us to have have the 2019 OKBEST Game day at their Fieldhouse!

2019 OKBEST Public Event at OC Millwood Public Schools:

OK BEST Public Event Day is October 19 or Oct 26 2019 at OC Millwood Public Schools. We will meet in the Falcon's next at 10am so that each time can have a shot at planing on the game field. Depending on the number of teams that come, We'll dedicate 15-30 minutes for each team to have a dedicated section on the field. If you need parts or help with something, we'll have staff around to answer questions. This would be a great time to invite anybody who is interested in a no cost robot contest to come see what OKBEST is about.
OC Millwood is located at 6718 N Martin Luther King Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73111

OC Millwood is located at 6718 N Martin Luther King Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73111 The entrance to the Falcon's nest is located in the alley south of the football field entrance. We'll have a sign in the lot pointing out the entrance. Both lots are open parking.

Thank you to Millwood Public Schools for allowing us to have have the 2019 Public Event at Falcon's Nest!

Falcons Nest Location

Kick off locations at Rose State College:

OK BEST Kickoff is September 21 2019 at Rose State College. We will meet in the Lecture Hall at 9am for the introduction to the game. We will move to the gym at 10:30 to view the game field and each team will receive their consumable and returnable kits. The afternoon session is set to start at 1pm with a programming intro session and a session discussing game rules and engineering notebooks. The sessions will run concurrently and are optional for all teams. The afternoon sessions are scheduled from 1 - 3 pm. Attached is a map of Rose State. The lecture hall is building no. 6 on the map and the gym is building no. 13. We would suggest you park near the gym to simplify loading your kits. OK BEST staff will be around to help you get to the correct facility.
We will be on campus 8am.

Lunch is on your own. If you will attend the afternoon session, plan accordingly (11:30 to 1). Also, you will receive software download codes. Bring a laptop if you would like to download software at the session.
PDF of the Rose State College Campus